Kool Kashier

Simple Ipad based Point-of-Sale system for small businesses

Custom Features

Different small businesses have different needs. Kool Kashier can be modified to cater to different types of retail businesses. Our current version of Kool Kashier was built for a retail textile business

POS System

Kool Kashier is a point-of-sale system to comes with all the features you expect and more! Convenient sale registering, clientele data collection, cloud data storage and a web app to visualize all types of data are just a few features to begin with!

Data Visualization and Analysis

The regular POS app collects all the data, but what next? Kool Kashier comes with a web app where all the data can be visualized, analyzed and used to make invaluable business decisions

Take a look...

Take a look at our simple video demonstration to see how easy it is to operate the Kool Kashier